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  gam·ut /ˈgamət /  LIFE /ˈlīfˌstīl /  






Pat Fisher

 Growing up, I was drawn to sports that looked fun, fast, and hard. When I couldn’t run fast enough, skateboards and bikes got me going faster. When I was old enough, dirtbikes and motorcycles got me going even faster. Those sports and hobbies led me to some really cool places and finding myself in even cooler situations. I was lucky enough to have friends that had the same interests as I did, throughout my childhood. Even luckier were the parents that I was blessed to have. They saw the adventures I was constantly embarking on with my friends. They surprised me on my 16th birthday with my first DSLR. A Nikon d60 with a couple kit lens’ from Costco. They knew nothing about cameras but took it upon themselves to give me a means to capture everything I was getting myself into. That day sparked a new fire inside me. Passion followed which led to taking photos of all the adventures. Fast forward seven years to the present and cameras have captured some of the best memories of my life. Because of those cameras, otherwise unshareable moments, are captured and shared with the world. Today, my passion lies in sharing adventures through photo, video, and written story. Mango Militia Productions serves as my teams’ display of those arts and adventures. Furthermore, I’ve always had a need to give back to the lands and oceans that have served me so well over the years. Through Mango Militia’s outdoor education and conservation programs, I’m now able to channel those passions as well. Working with other companies like Gamut, gives us the chance to share and inspire the sparks inside people that are dying to find their path.

Follow Jacob and Mango Militia on IG: @jtcatama @mangomilitia



Pat Fisher

Whitman Lindstrom is an emerging fine artist from Los Angeles, CA who works primarily with oils on canvas. Through this medium, he has developed a unique style that seeks to find a balance between the classical and modern styles of painting. Finding inspiration in all aspects of his life, his paintings often depict a central focus juxtaposed with a surreal or abstract environment. By taking daily life as subject matter, he is commenting on culture and society and his works are often saturated with irony. Lindstrom tries to increase the dynamic between audience and artist by objectifying emotions and investigating different interpretations of his work.



FEATURED ARTIST 9: Ryan "Mouse Rawk" Davis

Pat Fisher

Mouse Rawk, or MR, was born in Los Angeles, California in 1987 into a family of artists. His early influences stem from his father who was an architect/artist and mother who was a watercolorist. He has been creating and studying art independently since childhood. Having spent some of his early years living in Botswana, Africa, the culture and heritage heavily influenced his artistry. At age 12, a close friend Chase Early introduced him to graffiti art and he has been hooked ever since.

MR has always been inspired by creative expression in the public eye and feels it plays an important role in every community. His work combines an urban style with abstract compositions often consisting of vibrant colors with a balance of line work. Daring to disturb the universe, his work serves as a presentation rather than an interpretation.

MR’s mediums consist of spray paint, acrylics, watercolors, pen, and ink. He is constantly exploring new ideas and techniques while pushing the artistic envelope. Some of his other influences are friends, mid-century modernism, nature, comic books, and music. He currently resides in Thousand Oaks, California.

FEATURED ARTIST 7: Devin B. Johnson

Pat Fisher

Artist Devin B Johnson born in Los Angeles, 1992 works' attempts to reconcile traditional painting and sculpting practices with the internet-driven, digital age of Contemporary Art. He explores the human emotion through gestural movement and color all while honoring his distant African roots. However, In no way does he want to fall into the constrains as being an African-American artist.  
In his work you will find traces of minimalistic geometry with clean color contrast, and tribal-inspired exaggerations of humanity that shows interpretations of perceived beauty. His use of the natural organic contours of the human body and the abstract patterns placed within his pieces are juxtaposing forces that are meant to complement each other equally. Devin Johnson’s work seeks to engage his audience emotionally and visually.




Pat Fisher


We chose Evan as a featured artist because he fits the Gamut ideals of an active, creative, positive person. He's a super nice guy active in the community as well as a ripper surfer and obviously super talented artist.  Follow him at as well as on his insta: @awonderfulmistake


Pat Fisher

I'm Simon Chisum, painter, 24 years old, residing in Oxnard, CA. Thanks for checking me out.

Style: Tattoo art, Graffitti art combined w traditional painting techniques.

Influences: Greg (Crayola) Simpkins, tattoo culture/art, mexican food, the ocean, animals, and more.

"I use an impressionistic style for my backgrounds and combine designs influenced by the street and tattoo artistic styles along with some tight line work. Creates a unique friendship between the two."

FEATURED ARTIST 4: Sean Calen Blake

Pat Fisher

"Calen Blake is deeply passionate about the interplay between nature and urban life, energizing dialogue about present day humanity, and our critical role within the biosphere. He continues to explore themes of humanity, politics, and sustainability through paintings, street art and sculpture."


Follow him here:




Pat Fisher

Cody Brown is a photographer, custom framer, ripper skateboarder(check out his footy-------> HERE), touring bicyclist, all-around artist, and much more.  He exemplifies what it means to live the #GAMUTLIFE.  I'm stoked I get to feature such a talented guy that loves life and lives it to the fullest.  If you need any custom photography and/or framing, check out his work and contact him below. 

My interest in photography began while I was in high school in about 2005. I was an avid Skateboarder, and being part of the skateboard culture I shot and edited countless hours of video which became a full length feature skate film. It was through my experience with video that I developed my interest and love of still photography.

At the age of 17, just out of high school, I was hired as a staff photographer for a sports photography studio. I photographed sporting events such as youth soccer, high school basketball, football, baseball.

I am currently doing collaboration projects with a Hair and Makeup Artist, and making landscape albums with handmade one of a kind artistic frames which have been displayed in several galleries.

I am open to ideas, I love to make the visions of others and my own come to life. Let me know what you have in mind and we can work together to make it happen.





FEATURED ARTIST 1: Joakim Nordin

Pat Fisher

Two years or so ago, I wanted to learn how to paint, so I started messing around, trying random techniques.  After a few weeks, I was out of ideas and needed a little spark, so of course I went to Youtube. I saw a few different abstract painting technique videos and learned a little but wasn't too impressed...until I saw this dude's time lapse painting. I was blown away.  At that moment, something just clicked with me and I knew I would end up doing art as a career one day. Joakim Nordin and I have never met, just talked briefly on Facebook, but style-wise he is one of my biggest influences. Thank you for doing what you do. I feel honored to be able to share your work on my website.

Swedish artist Joakim Nordin lives in Stockholm, but comes originally from Härnösand in the northern part of the country. He mainly works with painting, but also with music, graphic design and web design. Joakim Nordin's paintings are abstract and he likes to experiment with different materials. He mainly paints on canvas with acrylic and oil, and his images are based on stylish, modern aesthetics, but with details disrupting the relaxation of the eye, thus creating a clear expression.

Below are my favorites out of his collection, links to his pages, and the video that inspired me to pursue art seriously.