FEATURED ARTIST 1: Joakim Nordin

Two years or so ago, I wanted to learn how to paint, so I started messing around, trying random techniques.  After a few weeks, I was out of ideas and needed a little spark, so of course I went to Youtube. I saw a few different abstract painting technique videos and learned a little but wasn't too impressed...until I saw this dude's time lapse painting. I was blown away.  At that moment, something just clicked with me and I knew I would end up doing art as a career one day. Joakim Nordin and I have never met, just talked briefly on Facebook, but style-wise he is one of my biggest influences. Thank you for doing what you do. I feel honored to be able to share your work on my website.

Swedish artist Joakim Nordin lives in Stockholm, but comes originally from Härnösand in the northern part of the country. He mainly works with painting, but also with music, graphic design and web design. Joakim Nordin's paintings are abstract and he likes to experiment with different materials. He mainly paints on canvas with acrylic and oil, and his images are based on stylish, modern aesthetics, but with details disrupting the relaxation of the eye, thus creating a clear expression.

Below are my favorites out of his collection, links to his pages, and the video that inspired me to pursue art seriously.





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