FEATURED ARTIST 7: Devin B. Johnson

Artist Devin B Johnson born in Los Angeles, 1992 works' attempts to reconcile traditional painting and sculpting practices with the internet-driven, digital age of Contemporary Art. He explores the human emotion through gestural movement and color all while honoring his distant African roots. However, In no way does he want to fall into the constrains as being an African-American artist.  
In his work you will find traces of minimalistic geometry with clean color contrast, and tribal-inspired exaggerations of humanity that shows interpretations of perceived beauty. His use of the natural organic contours of the human body and the abstract patterns placed within his pieces are juxtaposing forces that are meant to complement each other equally. Devin Johnson’s work seeks to engage his audience emotionally and visually.

w: www.devinbjohnson.com

e: info@devinbjohnson.com

Pat FisherComment