Growing up, I was drawn to sports that looked fun, fast, and hard. When I couldn’t run fast enough, skateboards and bikes got me going faster. When I was old enough, dirtbikes and motorcycles got me going even faster. Those sports and hobbies led me to some really cool places and finding myself in even cooler situations. I was lucky enough to have friends that had the same interests as I did, throughout my childhood. Even luckier were the parents that I was blessed to have. They saw the adventures I was constantly embarking on with my friends. They surprised me on my 16th birthday with my first DSLR. A Nikon d60 with a couple kit lens’ from Costco. They knew nothing about cameras but took it upon themselves to give me a means to capture everything I was getting myself into. That day sparked a new fire inside me. Passion followed which led to taking photos of all the adventures. Fast forward seven years to the present and cameras have captured some of the best memories of my life. Because of those cameras, otherwise unshareable moments, are captured and shared with the world. Today, my passion lies in sharing adventures through photo, video, and written story. Mango Militia Productions serves as my teams’ display of those arts and adventures. Furthermore, I’ve always had a need to give back to the lands and oceans that have served me so well over the years. Through Mango Militia’s outdoor education and conservation programs, I’m now able to channel those passions as well. Working with other companies like Gamut, gives us the chance to share and inspire the sparks inside people that are dying to find their path.

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