Chris Geer

We'd like to introduce you guys to our friend, Chris Geer. Chris is a photographer and athlete based out of southern California, who specializes in landscape and abstract photography . Here's a little more on his story:

"Hi my name is Chris. I’m 33 and grew up between southern California and Texas for most of my life. Although, most of my time has been spent by the ocean. My love for photography has always been a part of me. I remember taking a black and white 35mm class at (Orange Coast College) and just loving every minute of it. However, at that time I had another calling to pursue a career as a fireman.

While pursuing that career I was in an accident caused by a drunk driver which ultimately led to the painful reality that I could no longer pursue firefighting. It was one of those cliché moments that changed my outlook on life. My mindset changed and I went from feeling as if I “have” to do things versus focusing on the things in life that I wanted to do. Even though my career in firefighting had been cut short I was thankful to still be alive, which lead me to start to love the little things in life. One of those loves is the simple nature of the ocean. Luckily,  I happened tolive on 34th street which is steps from the water.

After a few months of rehabilitation I was able to walk on the sand and get back to body surfing. For me there is nothing like being in the water and taking in the ocean air. A few months back I told myself that I wanted to become free of working for someone and start working for myself. I began to pursue my talent as a photographer. I had taken some sunset photos here and there but never got serious about it. A close friend of mine, Dan, kept encouraging me to buy a dslr camera and get serious about shooting. I wasn’t too familiar with a dslr at the time and all I had ever used was an old AE-1. At the same time I had another friend, Morgan, providing advice and giving me the confidence to shoot every day as much as I could.

I began shooting for a few months and people started to take notice on my social media and suggested I go back to school for it. I started back at Orange Coast College in 2016 to gain a technical knowledge of photography to pair with my natural talent to shoot. Going back to school took some getting used to. Once I got into the groove of things and began to focus on my talent and technical abilities as a photographer, I won a scholarship for my photos. In addition, I have made some solid connections being back at school which has confirmed this was the right path to take. When you step out on your own there is no safety net. Its something you have to work at 100% of the time and beyond that. It consumes you.  For me photography lets me be free. I can shoot what I want when I want. Shooting seascapes was a natural progression for me and I continue to dedicate my efforts in making powerful images come alive. 

Photography lets me break the rules, it lets me be me and show people how I see the world.  For me, photography, has a never ending opportunity for change. It is something that cannot be conquered, and it always pushes me to do better.  I’ve got to give thanks though to a few people, My family, and some close friends who push me and have helped a long the way, Sam, Sarah, Nick, Dave, Chris, Sean, Aaron and Mike."

Follow Chris on Instagram: @mullins083

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