Ryan Reece Brown

On my 15th birthday, my parents gave me a GoPro. Who could’ve known that that gift would change my life forever? Before that moment, I believed I was on the path to a career in Engineering or Architecture.

But the very next day, I started to document new adventures everywhere I went -- recording imagesand videos of every thought-provoking moment that crossed my eyes -- and my direction in life changed.

About six months later, I bought my first DSLR, a Canon Rebel SL1.

Since then, I have learned different techniques and grown to capture more professional photos across many different genres but focusing on my favorite. As an auto enthusiast, I was quickly drawn to the detailed artistry in automotive photography. I started traveling to different car meets and events whenever I felt there would be a good photo opportunity. Most of the time, I was able to capture at least one incredible image.

Academically, I have been able to maintain straight A’s in all of my high school classes, most of which were either Honors, AP or IB classes. I currently have a 4.5 GPA going into my Senior year at Rio Mesa High School. Outside of the classroom, I am also involved in a number of school clubs. I have been an officer for several school clubs -- Secretary for Asian club (Club that represents Asian cultures), Historian for Red Cross, and an active member in CSF (California Scholarship Federation).

High school was also a place when I explored my athletic abilities. As a Freshman, my best friend convinced me to join the Cross Country and Track teams, and I have to say my time there was definitely memorable. At the beginning, I was pretty much JV and shadowed by many of my Varsity friends as I’d never really been a runner. However, through dedication, practice and the support of my friends, I rose up to the number three spot on the Cross Country team by the time I was a Junior. That year, I made it through League Finals and on to CIF Prelims. I even earned the prestigious Coach’s Award due to my effort and accomplishments. In Track, I was also able to climb my way up to the number the two two-miler on the team, making it to League Finals as a Junior.

My passion today is automotive photography and shooting as a freelance photographer for clients across Southern California. In the Fall of 2017, I plan on furthering my skills and advancing my education by enrolling in a reputable design school to earn a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Photography.


Instagram: ryanreecebrown

Email: rb@ryanreecebrown.com

Website: ryanreecebrown.com

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