Valerie Schlieper

We'd like to introduce you guys to our good friend, Valerie Schlieper. Valerie is a photographer, designer, and surfer from Germany, who has spent the last 6 weeks traveling the California Coast in search of uncrowded waves and new places to shoot. 

When asked about surfing, Val said that, "Surfing has become a part of my life. It is like an incurable sickness unit with which learn one learns to live - but surfing is very positive."

When asked about her surfing and style of art, she said, "Defining your own style takes time and is only created through much trial and error. But I want as well not to define it and essentially do everything from painting and design to photography."

We're sad to see Val leaving (with her Australian boyfriend Benny), but they're taking off back to Germany where they'll be for 4 weeks before taking off for Oz. We wish them safe travels and an abundance of swell!!

Follow Valerie on Instagram: @einwal

Also be sure to check out her website at: 

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