We'd like to introduce you guys to our friend, Marcus Brown. Marcus is a long-distance runner from the UK, who uses running as a way to spread awareness for mental health. Here's a little more on his story:

"I was born and I still reside in North London, England. I got into running through a bet from a friend to do a 10k, I loved it and shortly afterwards I completed my first marathon in 2008. I've gone on to run eight marathons including, the London, Berlin, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Edinburgh marathons plus others. I've found that other people and ourselves can put so many limitations on what we are and what we could be, that it constricts you as a person. But self belief requires daily nurture, like other things. You can’t train a muscle once and expect it to stay strong for life. I use marathon training in the same fashion. I use it as a challenge to remind myself to not place unnecessary limitations on who I am, and it helps me with the challenges I face in my life.

1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year. From my own experience I believe that exercise greatly benefits this condition, alongside other treatment. So my challenge for 2016 is to run four UK marathons in one year starting in Manchester and ending in Chelmsford. I'm documenting the journey in my blog with the intention to bring awareness to the fact, that mental health is just as important as physical health."

Follow Marcus on Instagram at: @themarathonmarcus

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