BLOG IT FORWARD:WEEK 1 patrick fisher

My brother John and I came up with the idea of applying the pay it forward concept to blogging, to show what the gamut lifestyle is all about.   The idea is that each person chosen has to go have an epic week with a wide variety of activities.  Leave behind all the negative b.s., document and photo all the great times, and then blog about it. When your week is done, the next lucky participant is picked. Should be a great way to push each other, pay the positive vibe forward, and remind ourselves that we are responsible for our own happiness. This is my site, so I'm going to start it off...  

My goal this week was to not have a personal goal. Goals don't mean much to me...I like having a clean slate every day.  I get a lot more done that way.  I knew I'd be super active with new fitness stuff. My outlook was "this is a social/psychological experiment" with some potential deeper meaning.  As I went through my week, a few themes became apparent due to the fact that I knew I'd be blogging...I was more aware of my surroundings, I took my time and felt more grounded/connected, and all the people and things seemed more real and interesting.  So, I photographed what I could and got some sweet footage below. The pics below are the people in my life that I gained a newfound appreciation for, some simple things that usually go unnoticed, some completely self-created "coincidences" and some art and other accomplishments. I will say this...I usually have 1 or 2 "off days" every week on average...days I just feel tired or agitated and tend to get lazy and make excuses.  This week I had none. I had no reason or desire to be a sorry sack, downer, complainer.  When you do your week of Blog It Forward you'll know what I mean.

I took Zumba and looked like an absolute idiot but had so much fun, volunteered to teach kickboxing(I've never punched in my life and the class was siiiick), got to $1200 raised for our Relay 4 Life team(if you want to join, follow the link on the home page), made my 1st EVER online transaction in my webstore, turned my house into an art gallery, did some abstract painting on 3 lampshades, trained the best clients, drew my dog and had her pull me all around town on my skateboard, cooked some bombass food, road over 50 miles on my bike, meditated almost every day, watched Tim jump 56" high multiple times, jammed my toe pretty badly playing bball(but got to reconnect with Cormick, Rocky, Alexis, McDavid John, Daniel Ripper, and Big Pete!!!!!), made some ridiculous off the rafters shots at 24hr fitness while Poolside Freddy showed me up, saw Erin Hightower do 2 bearcrawl-to-wall handstand holds and kill it at bootcamp, test drove and almost bought the Ford Transit Connect, and my best friend since 4th grade(MURPH) moved in.  

Life is good.

Everything is connected. I am lucky to be here and to be me. I am on a mission to do as much as possible with each day. I'm getting more comfortable getting out of my self-imposed comfort zones. I learned again to talk to myself with positivity and kindness rather than judgment.

I feel inspired by everyone and everything.