BLOG IT FORWARD: WEEK 2 john fisher

I’m looking forward to having a fun time with the blog. I think it’ll be a good excuse to just go out and do stuff. To me the #GAMUTLIFE represents living a positive lifestyle. Get healthy, work hard, make fitness an important part of life, eat right, be social, be a positive influence on others, have fun, go out and enjoy your life. Here are my pics and captions for the week…



A lot of work during the week means I can cut loose on the weekends. Good times in San Francisco with Sean, Amanda, Zin, and Eva. We met up around 8 and bar hopped til midnight. Zin, the ultimate cab driver, just parked his cab outside a hotel and made it work, and drove everyone back at the end of the night…dude always manages to find a way. By far the thing I miss most after moving is not seeing my friends in Socal nearly enough. The silver lining though, if anyone ever rolls up to Northern California, San Francisco is one of the coolest host cities. It’s always easy to have a blast. Happy Anniversary to Sean D and Amanda!

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