I'm a southern California native, I spent my time outdoors skating, hiking and exploring as a child. Always active and outside, Ventura County suited me perfectly. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Environmental Science with the goals to preserve pure nature so everyone could have the same great experiences as I did outdoors.  Currently a restoration biologist in Calabasas, I work for an environmental non profit to protect the Santa Monica Mountains. My family encouraged me to try all life had to offer so I could find what I was truly passionate about. I did it all but there was never anything as incredible as snow, a blank canvas to write your creativity! There's nothing I love more than being on a snowboard. I just want to get better every time I ride. My friend once told me that when your mind is so completely involved in one activity that you shut out the world, it's like you become no more than exactly what you are doing. I try to commit to things 100% once I start them so I can experience the entire gamut of life. Gamut means being open to new experiences while doing what you love; realizing and respecting how awesome life is. I love snowboarding, backpacking, fishing, art, fitness, fun and going fast.  

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