So I met this guy at Camarillo Farmers Market 2 years ago. He and his band were shredding so hard and are were so young I was blown away. Since then we have done a few art/music shows together through Gamut and is always really fun to watch destroy the kit. If you have a chance to see him play at some point, don't miss out. Here's a word from our newest featured artist Tyler Hammond, one of the nicest, raddest, passionate, fun people you will meet.

Diarrhea!! That's how I say w'sup to those I respect, because it's not about doin' it right it's about doin' you. I've never been one to ogle over some tourist attraction or big new flashy things because I don't get a feeling of involvement which is necessary for inspiration. At an early age I set out to find the things that meant something to me, something natural that had no business being a fad and ultimately something I could get involved in. For me and many of my friends it was skateboarding and jazz music. Just look at how many different ways people jam and people skate! These things emanate the most important part of life, ART! To me, art is about self expression that gives insight into the inner mechanisms of your enigmatic mind through focus. As you put your mind to work you leave out all of your mundane and chattering voices in your head and you're left with pure magic. You get goin on a roll then boom all of a sudden it's been 5 hours and you're sweating over something magnificent! Whether that be a canvas full of color or a song so poignant it makes you cry or video of that trick you could only imagine landing before you battled it out, it's about capturing and especially committing to the moment and that's what's got me goin'. I play music and skate with the hopes of inspiring anyone who cares to notice, but inspiration takes place in those involved so hit me up to jam or skate sometime!

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