This is more of an informative post than a nugget but here ya go!....Many of you already know the multitude of positive mental, physical, and spiritual benefits of meditation. But, sometimes we get off track and too caught up in our busy lives to meditate regularly. In fact, I'm using this post as a jumpstart for myself, since I have neglected meditation all week. Often times we want instant gratification so neglect things that take patience and real attention.  Others have tried meditation but have tried too hard. Don't think of a pink elephant!!! It's very difficult not to think of a pink elephant following that statement, just like relaxing is very difficult to do when you say to yourself over and over, RELAX!!! Similarly, if you say to yourself, "Clear your mind," your mind will never be clear, which is the reason meditation is so difficult for so many people. That is why I want to introduce you to Detached Observation Meditation, my favorite form! Enjoy!

Remember laying on your back as a kid, and watching the clouds without trying to change them, control them, or pass judgment on them? These are the very same qualities we look for in the practice of Detached Observation Meditation. There are only three rules to follow:

  • Let go of control. Let the mind wander where it wants, or let it sit still... it is all the same.
  • Pay attention. Do not fall asleep or let the mind wander off by itself.
  • Do not judge. Whatever the mind is doing is real. Accept it dispassionately, neither take credit for good thoughts or blame for bad thoughts. Watch the mind carefully, as if from a distance, like a child watching clouds.

This practice will give you insights into the inner workings of your own mind. Let the mind wander where it will, without any interference, but stay with it always, watching from a distance. This practice will encourage a creative, spontaneous and "alive" mind whose spirit is unbroken.



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