We'd like to introduce you guys to our good friend, Cristian Plascencia. Cristian is a recent college graduate who is pursuing his dreams of one day becoming apart of a professional basketball training staff. Here's a little more on his story:

"Wassup y'all! My name is Cristian George Plascencia and I am a Salinas, CA native. I am currently 23 years old and have spent the last 22.5 years in between both Northern and Southern California. I graduated from California Lutheran University in the Spring of 2015 with a B.S. in Exercise Science after spending my first two years at Cal State University Channel Islands. When I was 11 years old, I sprained my ankle playing the game I love (basketball) and was forced to go into Physical Therapy. I will forever remember that day as it sparked the flame that is still lit today. That flame is my love and passion for fitness and the human body. Motivated and naive, I told myself I would one day become a doctor of physical therapy for the Los Angeles Lakers. This led me to completing 400 hours of PT internship hours before the time I set foot on a college campus. I had experienced rehabilitation practiced with individuals from elite athletes to patients with Multiple Sclerosis from offices in San Francisco, CA to hospitals in Southern California. It wasn't until my senior year of college that I decided to apply to not only Physical Therapy schools for graduate programs, but also programs for strength, conditioning, and human performance. During this time, I was also granted a two week internship at an unconventional fitness gym by the name of Onnit Academy in Austin, TX. Having experienced training Division III athletes in the weight room including the football, track and field, and volleyball teams, as well as conducting 2 research projects during my undergraduate career, put me in an opportune position to receive such an internship. I will also never forget the 10 clients/classmates/homies for life that trusted me to train them early mornings and late nights in my garage in Camarillo, CA. After the two weeks at Onnit, I was offered a job as a personal trainer for general population clients here in Austin, TX. I was also admitted into the Exercise Science graduate program at University of Texas in Austin (UT). Although, after a month of school, Onnit offered me a full time position. Today, I am currently training general population clients, elite athletes (NFL, NBA, MLB, UFC, NCAA) as well as teaching seminars for continued education courses where a group of colleagues and I certify doctors, therapist, and trainers to become certified personal trainers underneath Onnit Academy. I will say that without the trust and love from my family, nothing would have been possible. Also the love and support I receive from my old college roommates/classmates keeps me hungry and motivated to one day be apart of a professional basketball training staff. If not, this awesome place I call home here at Onnit Academy is a dream come true. I can say that being here for six months, I have yet to work a day as the love I have for fitness keeps me blinded to the late nights and early mornings."

Follow Cristian on Instagram at: @see_dotg.

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