THE 1ST ANNUAL GAMUT CHALLENGE is going down starting September 1st and will last 30 DAYS. PLEASE READ ALL RULES below!!!!

1) The Gamut Challenge will consist of fun daily goals to capture on video/photo and will be posted on Instagram.  Some will be ridiculous, some will benefit others, and some will let us all learn more about how cool/buff/smart/talented/GAMUT-y you are.  Every challenge you complete you have to hashtag  #gamutchallenge on INSTAGRAM in order to be eligible for a prize that day.

2) You don't have to complete all 30 to be eligible for daily prizes!!! Each day is a clean slate to win a small prize such as a Gamut T, tank, hat, beanie, art print or sunglasses!!!! YES I'M GIVING AWAY 30 PRIZES!

3) Each day I will announce the challenge in the AM via INSTAGRAM. I will also announce the winner in the PM.

4) The posts each day will be judged on a combination of things…most creative, best composition, funniest, most idiotic etc. etc. etc.

5) Anyone that does all 30 daily challenges will receive a custom Gamut Challenge T and you will be idolized as a GAMUT LEGEND.




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