First of all, I want to say thank you for featuring me on your site Pat. Since I met you and Murphy, my life has completely turned around. There’s no way I could’ve lost 68 pounds without the amazing support of the Gamut Life Team and B-Real Fitness.

I came to Murphy in February after just having moved to Camarillo because I knew I needed help losing my last 20 pounds. I had just lost 50 pounds by changing my diet over the past year, but my body was craving something more. The first few weeks (read: months) were rough, but Murphy stood by my side through every tear, every complaint, and every sore muscle. I have been training with him for almost 6 months now, and the lessons I have learned (both mentally and physically) have changed my life in such a positive way that I truly cannot thank him enough.

One of the most important things I’ve learned is that your body is a machine that needs to be taken care of, and working out is only a component of that. It takes a positive mind and healthy diet too. You simply cannot give up. Get that last rep in. Sprint that last mile. Tell yourself you will try. Because it’s worth it. Because your goals are worth it. Because your life depends on it.

My last piece of advice to anyone who is on a mission to enhance their lifestyle through exercising and eating well is don’t be afraid to ask for help because the encouragement and support I’ve been blessed with is out there for everyone. Murphy is one of those rare people with an infectious passion for life and I am lucky enough to call him my trainer and friend.  Looking back, it’s hard to believe I’ve lost 68 pounds… but if you just put one foot in front of the other – you’re bound to reach your destination.

-Charlotte Sensing

Below are Charlotte's BEFORE & AFTER photos...


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