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2222 Ventura Boulevard R3
Camarillo, CA, 93010
United States


  gam·ut /ˈgamət /  LIFE /ˈlīfˌstīl /  




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Studio Happenings.

Pat Fisher

New piece called 10,000 Hours, part of the new Gamut Currents project. Referring to the so-called time it takes to become a master at something. Referencing past, present and future and what it all means to me. Underlying currents: psychology, fear, language, gratitude, meditation, self-love. 


5’ x 6’  Mixed Media on Canvas. I used an old background done by Marion Wood and Mouse Rawk contributed some abstract spray paint techniques. I enjoy collaborating w other artists. Helps me see things differently. Materials used: acrylic paint, spray paint, oil pastels. 


I started this painting February 7th at 7pm and worked solid until 4am, slept in till noon, and worked sporadically until 4pm today.  



Pat Fisher

Ryan Reece Brown

On my 15th birthday, my parents gave me a GoPro. Who could’ve known that that gift would change my life forever? Before that moment, I believed I was on the path to a career in Engineering or Architecture.

But the very next day, I started to document new adventures everywhere I went -- recording imagesand videos of every thought-provoking moment that crossed my eyes -- and my direction in life changed.

About six months later, I bought my first DSLR, a Canon Rebel SL1.

Since then, I have learned different techniques and grown to capture more professional photos across many different genres but focusing on my favorite. As an auto enthusiast, I was quickly drawn to the detailed artistry in automotive photography. I started traveling to different car meets and events whenever I felt there would be a good photo opportunity. Most of the time, I was able to capture at least one incredible image.

Academically, I have been able to maintain straight A’s in all of my high school classes, most of which were either Honors, AP or IB classes. I currently have a 4.5 GPA going into my Senior year at Rio Mesa High School. Outside of the classroom, I am also involved in a number of school clubs. I have been an officer for several school clubs -- Secretary for Asian club (Club that represents Asian cultures), Historian for Red Cross, and an active member in CSF (California Scholarship Federation).

High school was also a place when I explored my athletic abilities. As a Freshman, my best friend convinced me to join the Cross Country and Track teams, and I have to say my time there was definitely memorable. At the beginning, I was pretty much JV and shadowed by many of my Varsity friends as I’d never really been a runner. However, through dedication, practice and the support of my friends, I rose up to the number three spot on the Cross Country team by the time I was a Junior. That year, I made it through League Finals and on to CIF Prelims. I even earned the prestigious Coach’s Award due to my effort and accomplishments. In Track, I was also able to climb my way up to the number the two two-miler on the team, making it to League Finals as a Junior.

My passion today is automotive photography and shooting as a freelance photographer for clients across Southern California. In the Fall of 2017, I plan on furthering my skills and advancing my education by enrolling in a reputable design school to earn a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Photography.


Instagram: ryanreecebrown