Did you know that Gamut spelled backwards, Tumag, is filipino for "brick head"?

By definition Gamut means the full spectrum of colors and sounds, applied to life you can be anything you can imagine! A lot different than being a brick head.

All things in life can be viewed from different angles. All can be truth when given a different perspective and point of view with a color of it's own. For example, a musical note when played with the proper scale can harmonize and create a song. This is the way I experience Gamut life. My name is Carmen, super grateful to share the way i experience the Gamut Life for a week! High five to the founder of this Gamut Blogger! Patrick Fisher! He is the cherry on top!!!

Think of these: 

The brain is the treasure chest of our senses and interpretations. We can have the elixir of life by treasuring our minds. Optimism is a mental attitude that interprets situations and events with hope, which is the best road to a more wholesome health. Disappointments *will* still exist and when they do hit, it is an opportunity to express unconditional love.

This is the attitude that has ultimately worked best for me. 

I live simply, I do what I love. Balance is the key. 

We all experience life differently. One thing that we can all treasure besides our mind is time. Time is well spent when you are using our gifts and talents as a tool to enrich and balance life. 

What's this for me? Infinite Thoughts Here... For This week...

Bicycle Riding
Celebrating With family
spying Rituals (spirituality)
Picked Up Guitar And Saxophone Playing

I love life!

So flip your thoughts from pessimistic to optimistic.
Tamug to Gamut.


The whole gamut week i jumped out of bed as soon as i woke up and took a COLD shower! At first it was torture! Wide awake and ready to start the day INStantly! Then practiced yoga! My days were full of vigor and focus! Great discipline!

Went to a super cool health awareness activity in Santa Monica, that exposed natural healing options through All senses, arts and visual, sounds, drums and fitness, aromatics, massages, martial arts, harmonics, natural recipes and more!  Was awesome, met people from many backgrounds united with one vision. Healthy and Natural  life style!

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