1.      Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Body Work

I experienced one of the more surreal forms of body work from my Lomi Lomi mentor, friend, and guru. In my journey to discover self-awareness and transcendence, this is by far one of the more profound styles of body work that accesses the Para-sympathetic nervous system; one of the two modes of our nervous system where we experience deep relaxation and healing.  I spent almost 3 hours at Oceanna’s house that day near the beach in Ventura. We walked to the beached, she washes the feet prior to the body work, and she talks about what you want to set as the intention for the session. It’s a great time to clear negative energies and choose elements of inspiration for your life ahead. Oceanna is a beautiful artist as well and paints Hawaiian style Goddess type art that blew my mind. Here is her website and a picture from the Lomi Lomi class I participated in. Yes, an altar with many offerings is always part of this temple style form of body work. Oceanna is $75/hr. for 2 hours but this experience is a must for massage lovers.

2.  Chumash Trail Hike

This hike is challenging but glorious to say the least. I trekked that day with my dear friend and business partner Anh Nga (Anna) Lee to make the hour ascent to the top where we chose to meditate and take in the awe inspiring 180 degree view of the Pacific. It was even beautiful hiking amongst the recently burned areas and added a peaceful appreciation to the beauty we have around us daily. This hike can be accessed just off PCH South of Pt. Mugu Navy Base across from the military riffle range (look for the orange tower).

3.  Mother's Day

Because I love my kids and I love being active, this year’s Mother’s Day I asked for the best gift I have ever received from my kids. They agreed to run a 5k with me. I had run several before with my son, James, but I hadn’t had the opportunity to run one with my daughter, Christie yet. They were troopers and I absolutely loved it. Participating in a group activity offers such empowerment and encouragement when things get a little rough. We all finished the fundraiser 5k for the Pleasant Valley School District, which my kids have been fortunate enough to be a part of this district all their K-8th years. I’m grateful and give gracious thanks to all the hard-working teachers of this district. It makes for an enriching community for our city. And, as a side note, it is a dream of mine to have my kids, friends, loved ones run a marathon altogether someday. It’s a life-changing experience and one that always is better knowing there are people there with you going through the same challenge and that support each other. Inspire each other to live a healthy, active, enriching life. The picture is of me and my marathon mentor, Cliff, who is a LA Marathon Legacy runner: he’s run all 28 LA Marathons to date! Train, train, and train some more before attempting one of these beasts!

4.    Kali Institute of Massage & Somatic Therapies

So my life has become engulfed with massage and body healing training for the last 2 years. I have become obsessed with learning every style of body work modality I can find. I am a professional body worker now with over 1000 hours of training and I’m certified by the state of California. The biggest gift this journey has taken me on is the journey of health and wellness. I always add my flair of fitness into it as well, but not all body workers agree with the concept of sports and athletics. Be on the lookout for our opening private and event massage business within the next year as Anh Nga and I create a professional, high quality service of massage. I love anything sports! So this applies to any active person no matter what the age. What do you this of the graphics for Spectra Bodyworks?? I also am including a picture of a painting I did recently at Kali Institute where we all painted the tracing of our own bodies. We spent the day painting and exploring together. By far one of my most favorite days in the journey of self-discovery. This was in our recent 6 month course on Energy, Breath, and Chakras. That is a course that anyone can take and includes meditation, Qi Gong movement, sweating in a spiritual Native American sweat lodge and Breathwork for healing. Incredible journey to take with others!! Include art and friends in your life and just be a kid again daily!

5.    Simple Little Pure Therapies


Here are two of my most favorite products for a multitude of ailments. They both can be found at any health food store. The first is Grapefruit Seed Extract by Nutribiotics. This stuff will transform how you care for your body and even your environment. I use it as a mouthwash if I feel a sore throat coming on and it ALWAYS disappears. I use it as a disinfectant on cuts, to clean your face, and to add to distilled water to clean counters with or was fruit and vegetables. You can even use it as an ear wash for ear infections. And here’s the kicker, I ingest drops of it in water when I feel like I’m going to be getting a viral or bacterial infection and I honestly haven’t gotten sick in so long since I’ve started using this. There are others factors involved, of course, but most people don’t know about all these wonderful remedies and, of course, I learned about this in my massage training. The second product is Traumeel. It’s a German homeopathic gel used for pain relief. It comes in ointment, liquid, and chewable tablets and I use all forms. Primarily the gel topically. Most remedies we need and that are bio-identical to our bodies are found in the plant world. It’s a wondrous gift and one to explore as a first course of action, especially when it comes to kids.


6.    Utopia on Earth

Right here in California we have a body work paradise and institute of learning that brought massage and yoga to the west coast back in the 1960’s. It’s a retreat type destination where they teach and offer all forms of body work and therapies along with the natural mineral water soaking baths right on the coast of the Pacific. This little piece of heaven is Esalen. Named after the Native American Indians that inhabited that area, it is a tranquil, remote spot of rejuvenation and healing where they even have their own farm to grow food for the guests. I took a trip up north recently hoping to get to stop there but they were booked. The drive itself is such a beauty up Hwy 1, it was worth it alone. Go there at least once in your lifetime.

Picture one is of the outdoor massage tables at Esalen, second pic I just liked the colors in such forgiving succulents at a tiny little café in Morro Bay, and the last pic is of the Whale Sea Lions near San Simeon. Go adventure yourselves in this worldly beauty we have surrounding us everywhere! Get out of the house and just go.


7.    A word on NUTRITION and HYDRATION

I know we’ve all heard “you are what you eat”. Well, it’s more than true. What we eat, and especially over a long period of time can either build our bodies into a healthful state or it can chip away at its existence and turn into illness and disease. Dis- ease. People, we are surrounded by junk for our bodies that we are made to believe is food. It only takes a few weeks to a few months of eating processed, hydrogenated fats, sugars, artificial ingredients (preservatives, flavorings, color, hormone and antibiotic laden meat) to create some form of minor hidden inflammation that will, in a matter of time, turn into a full blown disease. Now, this is one of the most beneficial things you can do to sustain health and wellness in your bodies—eating pure, clean, food from the farm and not the factory. It’s a topic too big to cover in one little blog but here are some favorite, quick, health promoting things I do to support healthy eating. These are quick ways of super healthy eating for very busy lives.

Pic 1 is how I start my morning every day to hydrate and alkalize my body. Cup of distilled warm water with all the juice of a lemon.

Pic 2 is a can of green beans in sea salt, with a can of tuna, and a TBL of healthy fat Udo’s oil.

Pic 3 is oatmeal, with vanilla protein powder for revving the metabolism and building muscle, cinnamon for sugar balancing, and raw/organic honey to build the immune system.

Pic 4 is a favorite “faster” food out. Baja Fresh Baja Enselada with grilled chicken, no cheese, no chips, only salsa and lime for dressing and soda water with lime.

Pic 5 is what I packed in my “to go” bag for work

Pic 6 is dry roasted Edamame, a plant based high protein that doesn’t need refrigeration. Only at World Market for $1.99

A word on water. We need to sip water throughout the day and drinking spring water or distilled preferably and half our body weight in ounces. Example: 150 pound person needs 75 ounces of water per day, and that’s without working out. Add another 8 oz. per half hour of workout. I just say aim for one gallon per day. Two if you work out hard for 2-3 hours per day.

As a massage therapist I have given over 1000 massages and have seen quite often the people who have very dehydrated muscles. Our muscles are crucial in assisting the heart in circulating blood, lymph, and electricity throughout our bodies. Without adequate hydration our muscle cannot do its job. Then, and only then, can we build healthy muscle to promote healthy circulatory systems and ward off disease. Here is a simple fact that most people don’t realize—if our muscles are not functioning properly and helping to circulate blood, then the heart has to work that much harder and that is a primary reason for heart attacks and heart disease. The heart is not the only muscle responsible for circulation….it’s all our muscles.

Weekly massages are a foundation for well-being and disease prevention. It’s an investment in your health and no more expensive than a car payment per month. Maintain your bodies like you maintain anything else. Be well!


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