love yourself.


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Guy is an all around skater. He rips at transition, street, and parks. He skates fast and has a unique fluid style. Originally from Camarillo but now lives in San Diego. He also is a super positive dude and always brings people up. Enjoy.


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 "Im 13 years old and from Oxnard, California. I've had a board my whole life, but didn't really take it seriously till 6th-7th grade. My homies, all of my family, Moose, Gamut, and the guys at Rev have inspired and helped me so much through skateboarding. Other then skating, I play basketball for Camarillo High School. I love skateboarding because of what you can do on this piece of wood. Skating has gotten me so much more friends/family because of what i do. Skating is a sport, but it's a sport that you can do freely and have so much fun with no coaches or teammates." -Jai de Guzman


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This guy is what skateboarding is all about. Pure love of the sport/artform.  He taught me so much about skateboarding and pushed me to get better.  I admire him because he's such a genuine person too…down to earth, humble, kind dude.  Here's a short clip of him for now…more to come.