One of the biggest takeaways from my 200YTT so far is that YOGA is not about how flexible you are or how proficient you are at poses. It is a dedication to living a cleaner, simpler, kinder way of life. I knew Yoga was a spiritual practice, but didn’t  know to what extent or how deep the roots went. I have been into meditation for about 14 years. However, this new knowledge has helped me find connections between my practice and other areas of life. I feel more clarity and purpose behind my goals. Learning about the history of Yoga as well as new information on anatomy and sequencing/communication has been eye opening. Yoga is a union between mind, body and spirit. 

The poses were created to help you achieve deeper states of meditation and to grow spiritually. I’m not a fan of the commercialization and competition evident in the yoga community, since it is intended for deep personal practice, not as a money making scheme. However, I wouldn’t have learned about yoga without that process. I intend to help people see yoga for what it is, a personal spiritual practice and solid template to live by. To live with cleanliness of thought and body, practice nonviolence and compassion toward yourself and all living beings, to incorporate breath work and focused meditation regularly into your life. 

The 8 limbs of yoga include asanas(poses), which are only one aspect of this practice. There are 7 other categories that make up Yoga as a way of life. For a brief synopsis of the 8 limbs of Yoga, here is an article worth checking out:  8 LIMBS

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