love yourself.

Gamut started in 2013 from a garage. It was originally called Gamut Fitness, a personal training/nutrition/wellness consulting company. The company grew to encompass more areas and a broader scope. Across the board we value creative expression, health/active lifestyle, spreading love and positivity, conscious spending(voting), mutual respect, and giving back to your community.

My main focus as owner of Gamut is to put my energy into things I love. This year I cut all the dead weight and simplified. My interests and therefore brand focus are on Jiu Jitsu, Yoga, Meditation, Art, Music, Skateboarding, Fitness, Nutrition.

CURRENT GOALS: Living at optimal levels and therefore attracting people that are doing the same. Broadening the definition of the word Artist. Enhancing the culture in Camarillo by bringing together artists of all forms to support each other, while giving back to great causes. Look out for some events put on at our new studio at Studio Channel Islands Art Center.

GAMUT by definition is the entire scale, scope, or range of something. We are an active, art & apparel lifestyle brand, but more than that. We are focused on connecting people and storytelling through these outlets.

Thank you for your support.