GAMUT by definition is the entire scale, scope, or range of something.  We are an active, art & apparel lifestyle brand, and so much more.

We all have our struggles as well as our strengths and a wide variety of skills. Gamut means something different to everyone. But, across the board Gamut shares the commonalities of creative expression, health/active lifestyle, spreading love and positivity, conscious spending(voting), mutual respect, and giving back to your community every chance you get. 

Gamut started in 2013 from a garage. It was originally called Gamut Fitness, a personal training/nutrition/wellness consulting company. As we became more involved in art, the company grew to encompass more areas and a broader scope. 

We support artists and athletes alike. We are open to new ideas and constant change. We choose a healthy way of life but everyone has their own path. We see a deep connection in everything and feel it is our duty on this planet to help others as much as we can while respecting their belief systems. There is no formula for life. 


"The underlying theme of Gamut is my own personal journey in self-acceptance, love, and letting go. The more I step out of my comfort zone the more success we've had and that will only keep expanding.  Gamut is my life. I am 100% into everything you see here. I was raised on sports, skateboarding, surfing, music, and came to learn about art,  health/wellness, philosophy, psychology, etc. I wanted to create a brand that represented these things and brought people together.Every experience I've had has shaped this brand. Thank you for being a part of it."        

  -Patrick Fisher