I create music to elevate the spirit, both mine and yours. I saw a need for my own conscious revolution and now I'm sharing the vibes. Roots reggae rhythms, jazzy chords, and funky flavors; these are the sounds I love to play. True stories, messages, and requests; these are the lyrics I love to sing.

My sophomore album, Soul Garden Roots Version, was produced by reggae legend, Fully Fullwood. Released April, 2016, the album features myself on vocals and keyboards, along with members of Jamaica's Soul Syndicate Band, including Santa Davis on drums, Tony Chin on guitar, Fully Fullwood on bass, and special guest, Rock Deadrick on percussion.   

As a Southern California native, my first exposure to music was jazz, rock and soul from my mom's 1960's record collection. Viynl from The Doors, Miles Davis, Cal Tjader and Stevie Wonder were, and still, are my favorites. After discovering roots reggae from friends in Laguna Beach, I was soon inspired by the organ playing from Jamaican session players including Jackie Mittoo, Ossie Hibbert, Earl "Wiya" Lindo, and Keith Sterling. My Grandpa Ray was always playing Gospel music on the piano at home. So, I found my own 'gospel music' with the spiritual/revolutionary vibe in reggae. 

Firm Soundation, my first album was also produced by Fully Fullwood. The opportunity came through California based guitarist, Dale Hauskins, after introducing my demo to Fully back in 2008. Since then, Fully's become a musical & personal mentor as well as a solid friend. Before writing and recording music, I was, and still am, a freelance keyboardist. One of my favorite years of this life so far is 2003, traveling as a keyboardist to Europe, Puerto Rico and Hawaii with a reggae legend: Eek A Mouse. 'The Mouse' and all his orginalality was a huge influence on me. 

Doors have opened to play with more reggae legends including Marcia Griffiths, The Mighty Diamonds, Junior Reed, and Cornel Campbell. Recently in 2016, I played for The Rastafarians at Dub Club here in LA. It's now a personal favorite 'live show memory'. I'm also a founding member of Lesterfari & Kings Music, a roots reggae band from Los Angeles, consisting of musicians from Boom Shaka, along with Ronnie Stepper from Steel Pulse. 

I've been blessed by wonderful people who continue to share knowledge of music, and the industry with me, and push me. You all know who you are because we cross paths all the time. Respect and love - Jah Mex

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Welcome Hershiser to the team of Gamut musicians. They are a hardcore band from Camarillo, CA and play an energetic live show. Influenced heavily by the late 90s early 2000s death metal, hardcore, emo and pop punk scenes which gives them a very experimental,  eclectic, heavy sound. 

Current lineup:

Guitar: Daryl Rummens

Drums: Patrick Fisher

Bass: Ned Gardner

Vocals: Jordan Bricker

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Please welcome our latest featured band Tides of Man.  I found out about them a few months ago and have been listening to them nonstop ever since. Perfect for any mood, art, working out, etc. There is only one other album that has influenced me as much in the past few years, and that is Deafheaven's Sunbather.  I'm hooked and I'm sure you will be too. 

They describe their sound like this: 

"We're a progressive rock band gone post-rock instrumental. We're kind of in the middle of an identity crisis, but we're loving it."

Their latest full length is a masterpiece called Young and Courageous. Their title track off that record is performed live below.

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AuthorPat Fisher

His signature sound is representative of his wide variety of musical influences... a blend of metal and heavy rock, soul, smooth jazz and hiphop.  He has played with countless bands/musicians and is a graduate of M.I.


Mark Colenburg: Robert Glasper Experiment

Chris Pennie: Dillinger Escape Plan

Abe Cunningham: Deftones

Danny Walker: Intronaut, Uphill Battle


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I met Brad Ranola and Greg McFall from Your Future Lovers about 6 years ago. They were the regular band at a restaurant I worked at. They played in a band with Joel Clemons and often took requests from the waiters and patrons. They probably got sick of playing it, but performed about 20 different versions of John Lennon's Imagine over the course of the year, at my request. These are some of the nicest guys you'll meet, as well as insanely talented.  YOUR FUTURE LOVERS  are some of the best songwriters around.  They play catchy, heartfelt, genuine songs. Below are 2 of their recent videos and an old video of Brad shredding the drum set with Nima and Merge...


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