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Blog It Forward


Pat Fisher

Did you know that Gamut spelled backwards, Tumag, is filipino for "brick head"?

By definition Gamut means the full spectrum of colors and sounds, applied to life you can be anything you can imagine! A lot different than being a brick head.

All things in life can be viewed from different angles. All can be truth when given a different perspective and point of view with a color of it's own. For example, a musical note when played with the proper scale can harmonize and create a song. This is the way I experience Gamut life. My name is Carmen, super grateful to share the way i experience the Gamut Life for a week! High five to the founder of this Gamut Blogger! Patrick Fisher! He is the cherry on top!!!

Think of these: 

The brain is the treasure chest of our senses and interpretations. We can have the elixir of life by treasuring our minds. Optimism is a mental attitude that interprets situations and events with hope, which is the best road to a more wholesome health. Disappointments *will* still exist and when they do hit, it is an opportunity to express unconditional love.

This is the attitude that has ultimately worked best for me. 

I live simply, I do what I love. Balance is the key. 

We all experience life differently. One thing that we can all treasure besides our mind is time. Time is well spent when you are using our gifts and talents as a tool to enrich and balance life. 

What's this for me? Infinite Thoughts Here... For This week...

Bicycle Riding
Celebrating With family
spying Rituals (spirituality)
Picked Up Guitar And Saxophone Playing

I love life!

So flip your thoughts from pessimistic to optimistic.
Tamug to Gamut.


The whole gamut week i jumped out of bed as soon as i woke up and took a COLD shower! At first it was torture! Wide awake and ready to start the day INStantly! Then practiced yoga! My days were full of vigor and focus! Great discipline!

Went to a super cool health awareness activity in Santa Monica, that exposed natural healing options through All senses, arts and visual, sounds, drums and fitness, aromatics, massages, martial arts, harmonics, natural recipes and more!  Was awesome, met people from many backgrounds united with one vision. Healthy and Natural  life style!



Pat Fisher


I went to Portland this weekend for the wedding of a cousin. Since I have approximately 30 aunts and uncles and an exuberant amount of cousins, you can imagine this doesn’t happen much. My Dad (pictured below) is the only brother with 8 sisters. My Mom, the oldest of 4 girls with an additional 4 brothers. Anyway, let’s deter from the family line-up and just resolve that the majority of them live in Oregon so a yearly trip proves a major event. My husband, Paul, and I were married recently and I toted him along on my reunion trip this time. As you can imagine, his ears were steaming with trying to keep everyone’s names strait. It doesn’t help that my cousins now have children and it’s easy to mix up a dozen tow-headed kids that look exactly alike.

So, we decided to spend the last day of the trip in downtown Portland. My reward to Paul for subjecting him to the overwhelming enormity of my family. As many know, Portland is popular for its brewing capacity as well as hipster population. Let’s just say I didn’t get a Bachelors degree in Music Therapy due to lack of influence. On our tour of downtown we decided to start out with one of my favorite pizza places, The Blind Onion, and ended the day of tourism after stopping by Widmer, Dechutes, and Rogue brewerys. At each place you get a delightful flight of samplers that provide a combination of classic favorites and the latest recipes. The jalapeno beer was interesting. There’s just something about sharing home, pizza, and beer with your loved one that makes you nostalgic.


Monday Beer.jpg


I arrived home from the airport around 1:30 and arose this morning at 7am in preparation for my 9am class in LA. I live in Camarillo so it’s a bit of a trek. I am a researcher/author and the research assistant for the Couples and Family Therapy program at California School of Professional Psychology where I’m a doctoral student and the teachers assistant for the Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy class. That’s a mouthful… This morning would be a class of silence and meditation combined with art and I was looking forward to the peaceful time amongst my grogginess.

I’ve recently become interested in mindfulness for the increasing of overall awareness as well as compassion. A recent study produced significant findings that just 30 minutes a day of mindfulness meditation with a focus on compassion for self and others can increase the compassion emotion in those who have only been practicing daily for 2 weeks. Brain fMRI scans reveal accelerated motion in portions of the brain that is effected by this emotion. This provides significant neurological evidence that meditation effect brain development and functioning. Don’t worry, I’ll spare you are the neuroscience talk and get on with my point. As part of my teachers assistant responsibilities, I participate in class activities and report how these are with my colleagues. I want you to notice the picture self-portrait I created. The purpose of creating this art was not to show off amazing artistic ability (clearly that didn’t happen) and it was not to create a reflection of how I was feeling at the time that I created it. Rather, it was to focus on compassion for self and eventually for others. So here’s how it worked. In the first 30 minutes, I created the outline of the drawing with no colors. Only a pencil. This was all done while observing my face in a hand-held mirror. During this time, I found that I was extremely focused on getting the drawing perfect and I also found myself becoming embarrassed that others might judge my artistic ability. Nevertheless, I created the rough draft and then got into position for my loving/kindness, compassion meditation. Here is a link if you’re interested: Basically, the meditation instructs the listening to focus on various people—including themselves while imagining compassion toward those people. Following the meditation, the class was instructed to now use color and to finish their picture. The most profound part of this activity was the instant transformation that I noticed when I transitioned from the meditation to drawing/coloring. I suddenly realized that the beauty in my art was not in the creation, but in how I felt about it and myself. In fact, the neurological pathways in the emotion feeling portions of the brain develop to reflect your experience of compassion, love, and kindness received from others and also, yourself. Neuroscience set aside, it can be a powerful message when taking a few moments to generate compassion for one’s self. Also, since a brain that is developing self-compassion can also be transferable to others through behaviors this means that compassion is contagious. So, for those of you have are selfless at heart, remind yourself that compassion, love, and kindness starts with the self and moves outward to others. Just some thoughts.


My betta died this week so I just wanted to take a moment in remembrance. This is me “swimming” with him before he died. His name was cheeseburger—which is an odd name for a fish belonging to a vegetarian. But really, what does it matter? I wouldn’t eat my fish or a cheeseburger so it’s all a matter of perspective. Cheeseburger was the loving son of a mother and father fish, and adopted by a mother and father human. He was likely a sibling of many, the water bowl of Buddy the cat, and a rather quiet specimen. He lived to the ripe age of almost 3 years and is survived by his human family, Buddy the cat, and Bliss the dog.

Wednesday is a big homework day but the morning is devoted to sleeping in with my boxer, Bliss. Tuesday is a day of 8+ hours of class so by the time I get to bed its well past midnight and my brain is fried. Wednesday is one of the only days I am home so I devote much of my attention to catching up with research, writing, and homework on this day. I’m coming up on the completion of the majority of my doctoral coursework and transitioning into dissertation research territory. Translation: my life as a hermit begins soon. Wednesday is like the calm before the storm of the week begins. There is nothing too pressing to do since homework is usually due Monday’s and Tuesday’s so I have the options of either procrastinating or feeling accomplished via getting a head start on sleep and research.


I try to run a marathon every year or so. I started running about 10 years ago—mostly for weight loss as I used to be about 40 pounds heavier than my current state. Through my journey of discovering the self-satisfying rewards of healthy diet and fitness I gained a strong passion for running. While running, I love both my solidarity with nature as well as social time with running partners. Sometimes I run alone and enjoy my favorite music or more recently podcasts (the Stuff You Should Know series is my current fave). I love the trails through the Sycamore and La Jolla canyons off the Pacific Coast Highway. Sometimes I take Bliss and other times I take a friend.

My relationship with running has been a long journey. I find that it’s sort of like a college student’s relationship with their musical instrument. I don’t know if this is a helpful analogy for you but as I previously mentioned, my Bachelors degree is in Music therapy. Going to a school of music involves hours of relentless practice that often leaves you with feelings of resentment toward your instrument. Although the music was initially a source of passion with feelings of accomplishment on recital day, it suddenly turns into a burden. This can be the same with running. When I first began, I mentioned that it was for the purposes of weight loss. Then, I noticed a transition into running because I “had to”. Almost like an obsession. If I tried to take a day off, I would get anxious and feel that I should be training. This resulted in several injuries throughout a two year period which left me with no choice but to stop. Taking this time off gave me a moment for reflection. Why do I run? Because I have to? Because I want to?  Following my injuries I began building a different relationship with running. One that’s more forgiving. It wasn’t until the Boston Marathon tragedy that the real reason for running hit me. It’s not because I have to or even that I want to—it’s because I can. On the morning that I heard the news about Boston, I stepped outside and ran a silent 5 miles of tribute. I ran for the victims who may never run again. I ran for all the days that I took it for granted. I ran to remind myself of the feeling of freedom it gives me. To remind myself of my healthy, fully-functioning body. I ran because I was so oblivious to my own physical privileges that it took the horrendous trauma and death of those less fortunate than myself to jolt me out of my self-loathing.

Running represents living life the best that I can. It means being responsible about what goes into my body and being responsible about the physical expectations I put upon it. Running gives me time for reflection and introspection, or a chat with a running partner, or just a plain old rock-out session to my favorite bands. Really though. Isn’t that what life is about?


On Friday’s, I work a very long day at a groom shop in Port Hueneme. I used to work there more while I was completing my masters degree and I just can’t seem to stay away. I’m the only person there who also grooms cats and apparently there aren’t many of us around here. I began grooming pets almost 10 years ago. It has put me through college. It started out as a hobby, really—when I was hired to bath dogs as a groomers assistant. However, I realized shortly after I began working and throughout the past several years that it is a skill that I feel very fortunate to have. Grooming has introduced me to life-long friends, it has opened my eyes to a world of pet styling artistry, and it has proven to be a very supportive financial means throughout my many years of formal college education. Aside from grooming at the shop, I recently created a space within my home to groom pets on my own schedule. One of the dogs I groomed today was this little white ball of cuteness. All 2 pounds of him. As you can see by the pair of scissors on the table, he is not much bigger than the average human hand. Interestingly, this is one of the most difficult grooms simply because it is hard to maneuver around something so tiny. I also groomed my cat, Buddy today. He is a persian that I got several years ago during a very difficult time in my life. It’s always the most difficult times in life when you find out who your true friends are. It turns out that pub and party pals usually aren’t the ones who are going to stick around when the party is over. So, in a very self-satisfying fashion, I used what little money I had to purchase this little kitty. He has been with me through it all. He was there for the completion of my bachelors degree, he stuck around in the states while I traveled Guatemala, he followed me to my music therapy internship in Porterville, CA where he cried each time I left the home (as indicated by my neighbors), and he came with me to Camarillo where I live now. The poor little guy even keeps up with my new boxer. This is a true friend.

I previously mentioned that grooming has supplied me with life-long friends. In fact, I met my best friend whom was recently my maid-of-honor while she was a co-worker with me. I also met another woman, Laura, whom ended up offering me a place to stay in a time of need. She was a customer of mine and during this time she recognized that I was going through tough times. I stayed in her beautiful home in Arizona in exchange for dog sitting and grooming her chow chow, Nikki, as I completed my music therapy program. That was over 7 years ago and one of the best years of my life. I have stayed in touch with my friend and was there for her and Nikki during the ending period of his life. Since Nikki’s death, Laura and I have continued to remain friends. This is just one of the examples of how pets and grooming have been a bridge to many of the important people in my life.


It was a lazy morning of sleeping in and watching crime TV on Netflix. However, I managed to squeeze in a run and made it to the farmers market to pick up my household’s week of vegetables. I’ve recently made the transition into vegetarianism and am a dabbler in veganism—but I also eat wild-caught fish so call it what you will. I grew up in a farm town of 1,700 people where crops and animals were raised and eaten in-home. To be honest, I never knew anything about mass food production until I went away to college. The transition into eating a plant-based, all natural diet has been a slow process and I finally took the leap this year. I couldn’t be happier about it. So, I’m now being one of those annoying Facebook friends who shares pictures of food on their page. You know? The one who posts of picture of a chimichanga and margarita bigger than their head? (If the friend who posted that is currently reading this, email me for the disclaimer…) This is an egg white omelet with spinach, tomatoes, avocado’s, and peppers from the farmers market. Egg white’s are the main item that have kept me from veganism. These eggs are from egg-laying hens that have been rescued from slaughter and released on a free range farm in Camarillo. Each egg is a few cents more than the price I would be paying at a major supermarket for what is labeled “free range” eggs. A small price to pay to ensure my food is coming from what I know is an animal friendly environment.

Tonight, I went to the Concert in the Park, which is a monthly concert that is in the city park. It’s conveniently located across the street from where I live so each month during the summer, my husband, some friends, and myself pack up some snacks and drinks, grab our lounge chairs, and stroll on over. I picked up some fish from the market and made some sushi with mojitos for drinks. Yummy! The concert was a band called Ambrosia which is made up of a compilation of several musicians that had once played in various famous bands. The musicianship was good. The scene of the park is interesting. Families walk from all around the neighborhood and aren’t so discrete about their food and beverages. Some even set up huge tables with cloths and spreads. Even candles, flowers, and wine bottles! Of course, that doesn’t trump the odd memory of the first time I went and saw a dude walking around with a tall can of Budlight. After that I brought cups for my margaritas rather than concealing them in a Poweraid bottle.


We have stayed in touch with our neighbor since he moved and today, he invited my husband, my friend Tracy, and myself to help him serve wine at the Taste of Camarillo festival. We were helping out Bedford Wines since they couldn’t be there. This also meant food, music, and wine tasting without the $80 charge—that’s my favorite part. When we got there, we unloaded our wine and set up the table. All the vendors show up about an hour early so we can try out each other’s food and drinks before the rest of the attendees arrive. Sampling various foods and wine was fun but come to a slow crawl quickly due to lack of stomach capacity and wooziness from tasting. So, I took turns with friends pouring wine and socializing with patrons while taking breaks to catch a song from the band or explore some more. The booth behind me had liquor flavored ice cream so I took it upon myself to make a Jack Daniel ice cream flout in a sample of porter-style beer. Good stuff! Nobody else agreed but I was happy with my creation. As the festival was ending several vendors were happy to put leftover items into my hands rather than toting them home. I ended up with a giant tub of ceviche from a Ventura market, about 20 servings of quinoa salad, and some creaser dressing. I’m not so sure about the dressing but I took care of the other items. When I got home I mixed the quinoa with some spinach and had a huge glass of fruit-infused water in an effort to make up for all the food and wine I had consumed that day. What a great way to end the week belly-up style. Back to the grind tomorrow.



Pat Fisher

 I’ve had one of those weeks that whips you around tornado like, touching down a few places, while thoughts race through your mind at insane speeds, leaving me in one big whirlwind. And I loved every minute.

Life took a quick change two weeks ago, when I made the biggest commitment of my life to a handsome Ohioan.

So when I finished working a 36 hour shift on Sunday morning, I booked it to LAX to catch a flight to go celebrate with my new extended family. After 4 hours of flying, 3 hours of time change, and a 2 hour delay for pilot food poisoning, I finally reached Akron, Ohio. 

As a beach-loving Californian, I must admit that I might be a country girl at heart. A few days of rest and relaxation poolside, a quality book, and a 5 mile run through picturesque corn fields, opens your eyes to the simplicity and love of a small town.  I could get used to blue skies, clean air, and corn fields.

We then ventured to my future home Toledo, Ohio, to settle into this new chapter of forever. If you can get beyond the 80 degree humidity, and don’t mind dripping sweat before you even begin a workout, Toledo has numerous opportunities to lace up the shoes for a run outdoors. This week I ran next to the Maumee River, through downtown near the minor league stadium for the MudHens, and along the Wildwood trails throughout the city.  It kinda feels like running in place in a sauna with a bag over your head, but for a marathoner like me, I crave the pain, love my heart pumping, and the scenery keeps you moving.

Marathon training can be brutal. Personally I use Hal Higdon’s schedule, typically run in Asics shoes, suck down Vanilla GU like it’s my job, and have recently found a love for La Roche-Posay sunscreen to avoid these awful brown spots taking over my face. Getting old is so glamorous.

My next race is the Cleveland Rock N Roll half marathon in October, so I am trying to stick to a healthier diet, and specifically increasing my calories since my fiancée has a similar philosophy as Pat – You have to EAT. I’ve been sticking to a lot of fish lately. If you ever get to Seattle, grab seasoning at the Pike Place Fish Market. Not only is the experience motivating and fun, but the flavor is unreal.

My other go-to meal is the Visalus shake.  I had the opportunity to spend the weekend in Orlando, Florida at Vitality, surrounded by some of the most inspirational people committed to conquering obesity. A highlight from the weekend was hanging with my dear friend Alex and watching her get dressed for the Here We Glo Again party. Clearly, I need to step up my costume game next time. Regardless, I love being surrounded by healthy, motivated people. Their energy and passion is contagious and make me want to strive to be better.


After a long week, my flight was super delayed Sunday night, leaving me at the mercy of a lot of disgruntled travelers. One overly vocal woman spent a good two hours bending the ear of anyone who would listen, when finally I looked at her with a big smile and said – Heyyy now, positivity girl! Haven’t you read The Secret? Put good energy into the atmosphere and good things will come your way. She smiled through clenched teeth. But if the only thing you can pay forward is a mindset,  that’s a step in the right direction. And I can only imagine someone was listening when I had to put my running skills into action for a 10 minute plane swap in Atlanta, Georgia, sprinting through the terminal, begging someone somewhere to let me on the flight. Thankfully I was home and in bed by 4am. After a whirlwind week like this, I have no reason to complain. <3



Pat Fisher

I’M WIDE AWAKE (Katy Perry)

Okay, well the title pretty much says it all.  I use to be someone that did not volunteer for anything.  I just waited till I was asked not so much because I thought I was the cat’s meow but for fear of rejection.

Well that was the old me, when I heard about Blogging it Forward it took me a couple of days to decide but I stepped out and volunteered.  Yikes, what had I done…I was literally wide awake wondering if I had anything to write about and figuratively having woken up from living a life that others set up for me.

This journey that I am undertaking started 6 years ago, and has picked up speed since I started living my dream of becoming a massage therapist.  I graduated from the Kali Institute of Massage and Somatic Therapies  in May 2011.  I have met some incredible people and am honored to consider them friends and colleagues.

Often times, we find that when a person enters your life it seems like they have always been there.  That person for me is my dear friend Sheri Dias Burgoyne.  I am honored to consider her one of my best friends and business partner. 

I am wide awake and mindfully living my life as authentically as I can.  There is no longer room for hiding behind people, thinking that I am second best and taking what is left over.  Inhaling the positive energies into my life and exhaling the negative energies.

Breathe in, Breath out.



Mindful meditation-letting thoughts come and go as I focus on “The Storm” aka “Kali”.  I enter into a quiet, contemplative state of mind.


Greg Ward, my hiking buddy and great friend.  We have done urban hikes in LA, hiked Rocky Peak in Simi Valley, we have gotten lost in Santa Paula trying to get to the punchbowls, hiked in Malibu after being profiled by a Sheriff’s deputy.    That part of the story, I will leave for another time.

To continue to live a life of health, we meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6am to hike the new Ventura Botanical Gardens trail.  To make it even more challenging, we park in the BofA public parking and hike up the hill to the trailhead.  When we first started I had to take 3 to 4 breaks and I had not gotten to the trailhead yet!  He is such a good friend, he stops and waits for me before telling me to move my ass.  Who needs enemies when you have friends this awesome!


I have always wanted to begin a yoga practice and was delighted when my friend/business partner Sheri suggested that I come with her and take a class at Bikram Yoga Ventura  I knew the class was going to be done in a hot environment and looked forward to trying it out. An hour into the class, I was doing okay and thinking hang on the hour is almost up…when the Yoga teacher said “now that we have warmed up, we will begin our practice”…picture if you will the bubble text above my head stating those famous 3 letters..WTF!

After surviving the realization that I was in a 90 minute class, I completed the class and enjoyed every minute of it.


As a massage therapist, I began to feel that in order to help my clients I needed to be more mindful of how I was treating my body.  Thus begins my journey of mindfulness and body health.  I got my jumpstart by enlisting the help of my PIC (partner in crime) Sheri and asked her to help me with not only nutrition but personal training.  I told her that I needed someone that was going to kick my ass.  6 weeks later I had lost close to 15lbs and that was the motivation that I needed. 

Sitting in Element Coffeehouse with Sheri, I was introduced to Patrick Fisher of Gamut Fitness. Sheri suggested going to his workout class…yup, she forgot one little thing this class is called The Gauntlet.  I know…you would think I learned my lesson.

In my short time going to The Gauntlet I have had small victories. 

1.      I am able to do a slow jog around the block without walking that is .5 miles!

2.      I am finally figuring out how to do a burpee.

3.      I am still building up to this “cibatta” interval training.  Note to self:  No water till intervals are all done.

Although, I am still the newbie in the group I am having a blast getting to know this wonderful group of people and getting fit at the same time.

(Rolling Stones)
everyone should have a nemesis (something that a person cannot conquer, achieve).  Currently, my nemesis is the board to the right.


Yes, this white board doesn’t have anything on it right now but if you have been to a class that board can be filled with some of the most interesting exercises.




Quick reviews:

Mary’s Secret Garden- the BOMB!

MammaChia-drinking soft set Jell-O with some jiggley bits.

C20 Coconut Water- the best of them all.

Trader Joes Coconut Milk yogurt-good for the lactose intolerant. 


When I was first heard about the art of Hawaiian massage called Lomi Lomi, I was not interested.  The second time I was asked again about Lomi Lomi and given a DVD to watch.  It was interesting I was doing some of the strokes that were shown on the video but, I still could not cop a clue.

Until finally the Universe hit me over the head (subtlety is not my strong point) and brought a wonderful Kahuna named Oceanna to Kali Institute to teach an Introduction to Lomi Lomi class.  

She shared in the class that… “This practice will bring your intention and strength to a greater level of clarity.  Lomilomi preparation and practice will introduce you to many deeper levels of giving and receiving, in ALL areas of your life”.

What she spoke of that fateful day resonated with me so much that I finally understood that LomiLomi was more than a different massage modality but a way of life.

In the book Wise Secrets of Aloha by Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim and Garnette Arledge, Hawaii’s secret of paradise is Aloha: “the breath of God is in our presence.”

Aloha, the beloved greeting for hello and good-bye known the world over, is a many-leveled, truly multi-splendored healing sound all by itself.  There is in all creation, in Aloha, a bigger, wider, more substantive presence of spirituality than we can, at the surface, see or know.

So say Aloha now to yourself.  Savor Aloha, the traditional greeting.  Generosity offers you a scented white-ginger lei.  You are the welcomed guest.  Aloha overflows with the hospitality, flashes abundance, and offers beauty to all.

As I end this blog, I thank you for taking the time to read it.  Hopefully, have a few laughs seeing that our paths are crossing at this very moment in time.  My spirit overflows with gratitude and love as I bid you Aloha. 



Pat Fisher

1.      Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Body Work

I experienced one of the more surreal forms of body work from my Lomi Lomi mentor, friend, and guru. In my journey to discover self-awareness and transcendence, this is by far one of the more profound styles of body work that accesses the Para-sympathetic nervous system; one of the two modes of our nervous system where we experience deep relaxation and healing.  I spent almost 3 hours at Oceanna’s house that day near the beach in Ventura. We walked to the beached, she washes the feet prior to the body work, and she talks about what you want to set as the intention for the session. It’s a great time to clear negative energies and choose elements of inspiration for your life ahead. Oceanna is a beautiful artist as well and paints Hawaiian style Goddess type art that blew my mind. Here is her website and a picture from the Lomi Lomi class I participated in. Yes, an altar with many offerings is always part of this temple style form of body work. Oceanna is $75/hr. for 2 hours but this experience is a must for massage lovers.

2.  Chumash Trail Hike

This hike is challenging but glorious to say the least. I trekked that day with my dear friend and business partner Anh Nga (Anna) Lee to make the hour ascent to the top where we chose to meditate and take in the awe inspiring 180 degree view of the Pacific. It was even beautiful hiking amongst the recently burned areas and added a peaceful appreciation to the beauty we have around us daily. This hike can be accessed just off PCH South of Pt. Mugu Navy Base across from the military riffle range (look for the orange tower).

3.  Mother's Day

Because I love my kids and I love being active, this year’s Mother’s Day I asked for the best gift I have ever received from my kids. They agreed to run a 5k with me. I had run several before with my son, James, but I hadn’t had the opportunity to run one with my daughter, Christie yet. They were troopers and I absolutely loved it. Participating in a group activity offers such empowerment and encouragement when things get a little rough. We all finished the fundraiser 5k for the Pleasant Valley School District, which my kids have been fortunate enough to be a part of this district all their K-8th years. I’m grateful and give gracious thanks to all the hard-working teachers of this district. It makes for an enriching community for our city. And, as a side note, it is a dream of mine to have my kids, friends, loved ones run a marathon altogether someday. It’s a life-changing experience and one that always is better knowing there are people there with you going through the same challenge and that support each other. Inspire each other to live a healthy, active, enriching life. The picture is of me and my marathon mentor, Cliff, who is a LA Marathon Legacy runner: he’s run all 28 LA Marathons to date! Train, train, and train some more before attempting one of these beasts!

4.    Kali Institute of Massage & Somatic Therapies

So my life has become engulfed with massage and body healing training for the last 2 years. I have become obsessed with learning every style of body work modality I can find. I am a professional body worker now with over 1000 hours of training and I’m certified by the state of California. The biggest gift this journey has taken me on is the journey of health and wellness. I always add my flair of fitness into it as well, but not all body workers agree with the concept of sports and athletics. Be on the lookout for our opening private and event massage business within the next year as Anh Nga and I create a professional, high quality service of massage. I love anything sports! So this applies to any active person no matter what the age. What do you this of the graphics for Spectra Bodyworks?? I also am including a picture of a painting I did recently at Kali Institute where we all painted the tracing of our own bodies. We spent the day painting and exploring together. By far one of my most favorite days in the journey of self-discovery. This was in our recent 6 month course on Energy, Breath, and Chakras. That is a course that anyone can take and includes meditation, Qi Gong movement, sweating in a spiritual Native American sweat lodge and Breathwork for healing. Incredible journey to take with others!! Include art and friends in your life and just be a kid again daily!

5.    Simple Little Pure Therapies


Here are two of my most favorite products for a multitude of ailments. They both can be found at any health food store. The first is Grapefruit Seed Extract by Nutribiotics. This stuff will transform how you care for your body and even your environment. I use it as a mouthwash if I feel a sore throat coming on and it ALWAYS disappears. I use it as a disinfectant on cuts, to clean your face, and to add to distilled water to clean counters with or was fruit and vegetables. You can even use it as an ear wash for ear infections. And here’s the kicker, I ingest drops of it in water when I feel like I’m going to be getting a viral or bacterial infection and I honestly haven’t gotten sick in so long since I’ve started using this. There are others factors involved, of course, but most people don’t know about all these wonderful remedies and, of course, I learned about this in my massage training. The second product is Traumeel. It’s a German homeopathic gel used for pain relief. It comes in ointment, liquid, and chewable tablets and I use all forms. Primarily the gel topically. Most remedies we need and that are bio-identical to our bodies are found in the plant world. It’s a wondrous gift and one to explore as a first course of action, especially when it comes to kids.


6.    Utopia on Earth

Right here in California we have a body work paradise and institute of learning that brought massage and yoga to the west coast back in the 1960’s. It’s a retreat type destination where they teach and offer all forms of body work and therapies along with the natural mineral water soaking baths right on the coast of the Pacific. This little piece of heaven is Esalen. Named after the Native American Indians that inhabited that area, it is a tranquil, remote spot of rejuvenation and healing where they even have their own farm to grow food for the guests. I took a trip up north recently hoping to get to stop there but they were booked. The drive itself is such a beauty up Hwy 1, it was worth it alone. Go there at least once in your lifetime.

Picture one is of the outdoor massage tables at Esalen, second pic I just liked the colors in such forgiving succulents at a tiny little café in Morro Bay, and the last pic is of the Whale Sea Lions near San Simeon. Go adventure yourselves in this worldly beauty we have surrounding us everywhere! Get out of the house and just go.


7.    A word on NUTRITION and HYDRATION

I know we’ve all heard “you are what you eat”. Well, it’s more than true. What we eat, and especially over a long period of time can either build our bodies into a healthful state or it can chip away at its existence and turn into illness and disease. Dis- ease. People, we are surrounded by junk for our bodies that we are made to believe is food. It only takes a few weeks to a few months of eating processed, hydrogenated fats, sugars, artificial ingredients (preservatives, flavorings, color, hormone and antibiotic laden meat) to create some form of minor hidden inflammation that will, in a matter of time, turn into a full blown disease. Now, this is one of the most beneficial things you can do to sustain health and wellness in your bodies—eating pure, clean, food from the farm and not the factory. It’s a topic too big to cover in one little blog but here are some favorite, quick, health promoting things I do to support healthy eating. These are quick ways of super healthy eating for very busy lives.

Pic 1 is how I start my morning every day to hydrate and alkalize my body. Cup of distilled warm water with all the juice of a lemon.

Pic 2 is a can of green beans in sea salt, with a can of tuna, and a TBL of healthy fat Udo’s oil.

Pic 3 is oatmeal, with vanilla protein powder for revving the metabolism and building muscle, cinnamon for sugar balancing, and raw/organic honey to build the immune system.

Pic 4 is a favorite “faster” food out. Baja Fresh Baja Enselada with grilled chicken, no cheese, no chips, only salsa and lime for dressing and soda water with lime.

Pic 5 is what I packed in my “to go” bag for work

Pic 6 is dry roasted Edamame, a plant based high protein that doesn’t need refrigeration. Only at World Market for $1.99

A word on water. We need to sip water throughout the day and drinking spring water or distilled preferably and half our body weight in ounces. Example: 150 pound person needs 75 ounces of water per day, and that’s without working out. Add another 8 oz. per half hour of workout. I just say aim for one gallon per day. Two if you work out hard for 2-3 hours per day.

As a massage therapist I have given over 1000 massages and have seen quite often the people who have very dehydrated muscles. Our muscles are crucial in assisting the heart in circulating blood, lymph, and electricity throughout our bodies. Without adequate hydration our muscle cannot do its job. Then, and only then, can we build healthy muscle to promote healthy circulatory systems and ward off disease. Here is a simple fact that most people don’t realize—if our muscles are not functioning properly and helping to circulate blood, then the heart has to work that much harder and that is a primary reason for heart attacks and heart disease. The heart is not the only muscle responsible for circulation….it’s all our muscles.

Weekly massages are a foundation for well-being and disease prevention. It’s an investment in your health and no more expensive than a car payment per month. Maintain your bodies like you maintain anything else. Be well!



Pat Fisher

I first off want to say thank you to Patrick for asking me to post something on his blog. I am honored that he would think of me because he is someone I very much look up to (he hates compliments). Perhaps I should start with some background.

I am thirty years old from Camarillo, CA. Since June 1, 2010 I have been doing an exercise regimen which in the last two years has become popularized as well as criticized; CrossFit. Love it or hate it, it is the only thing that has kept me interested and intrigued with fitness.

Prior to starting personal wellness whether it was spiritual, emotional, sexual, or physical was not in my forefront. One could say I tried and succeeded in doing the exact opposite. I relished in abusing my body and did so with purpose. Fortunately, through a few turn of events (Karma, God, Universal Conscious, dumb luck, etc.), and one by one those things left my life starting in 2009. I was ready to start being good to my body. The last of my unhealthy vices, smoking, ceased on July 5, 2010, one month after I joined CrossFit. I told myself before that I had to quit smoking ($200/month) so I could pay for CrossFit ($150/month) and I was able to keep that promise to myself. Training days for this week were Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

Sunday 6/23

I woke up and went to the gym; Precision CrossFit is my home away from home. It is located off Lindero Canyon in Westlake. I warmed up with some dynamic stretching, band work, lacrosse ball, and basic calisthenics. Then I started warming up for an Olympic weightlifting session of “snatch” (yes I always laugh a little too at the name). Olympic weightlifting is one of my favorite things to do. CrosFit opened my eyes to it, for which I am grateful. I lifted for about 1-1.5 hours working up to a daily 1 rep max which happened to be 160 pounds. This is great news because, since my surgery (crohn’s disease related) back in April, I haven’t been able to snatch more than 140 (25 pounds below competition PR). My goal is to snatch 185 by September 2013. 

Monday 6/24

My goal for the week was to squat heavy this week to start building my legs back up after a few months of not being able to squat because of surgery. Another goal was to be mindful of what I ate. I followed a Russian squatting sequence based on the Smolov cycle. The rep scheme was 6x6 Highbar Back Squat @ 195 pounds. I felt weak on the first two sets but then the next three were easier. The last set was all fight (mental). Most of lifting for me is mental. Playing around with more weight than I should has never been an issue. I remember something Henry Rollins once wrote about weightlifting that has always stuck with me. “Try to lift what you're not prepared to and the Iron will teach you a little lesson in restraint and self-control.” Then the conditioning workout that day was 20 minutes of as many reps as possible of 10 burpees, 10 overhead squat  65# (I did back squats as my shoulders were shot from snatching the prior day), and 10 24# box jumps. I actually don’t know what I scored because I always lose track. It doesn’t really matter I was dead afterwards; it felt great!

Wednesday 6/26

This was a great day. It was the my second day in the squat cycle …. This time 7x5 @205 pounds. This was surprisingly easy. I gave myself proper rest in between sets ~2-3 minutes. That made all the difference. After that the conditioning workout was what we call a “ascending ladder”. It was 5reps of all movements then 7reps then 9reps 11reps of power cleans, toes to bar (skip to :38sec), and push-ups. I decided because I was only doing 185 pounds and not going Rx’d (the prescribed weight was 225 pounds) I wanted to do handstand push-ups. For me personally I felt great during the workout and afterward as well. I was able to stay positive which is not always easy to do. All-in-all a great training day.

Friday 6/28

So on Thursday night I saw the workout posted online it read… 5k row. I had never done that before, so with most things unknown, I was nervous/excited to do it. I went in early to the gym to get my squats in…. started my sets, and my Iliotibial band started screaming at me. I tried to stay positive and push through, but I made the decision to stop as I still had to row a 5k also. I was supposed to do 8x4 sets at 230, but only completed 5 sets. Even though I didn’t complete them, I felt okay. Now the row…. Oh the row…. Rowing after all of that was tough not only mentally, but physically as well. My legs were like Jell-O. I strapped into my seat and started. my goal was to have a 2min/500m meter pace. As soon as I pushed my legs off I knew this would not be achievable. I battled and tried to stay mentally positive throughout the row. I survived and finished in 21:42. Even though I missed my goal I felt good. I have been really trying to focus on staying mentally positive during my training. It is vital for me.

Saturday 6/29

            Running… Running has become my nemesis. In regards to weightlifting this training day was awesome. I got a great Olympic weightlifting session with two of my good buds; the lift was clean and jerk. The conditioning aspect was in the form of a team (2 men/2 women). The workout contained an 800m team run, 50 handstand pushups, 100 deadlifts (225# for men/155# for women), 150 wall ball, and another 800m team run. First run I kept up with the team we had a good pace. We got through our handstand pushups, deadlifts and wall ball no problem. I finished the last set of 10 wall ball and started the run with them, and well…. My legs felt like concrete. My form went to all hell. It was discouraging to say the least. Even though my mind was telling me I was letting the other three down, I was trying to stay positive. I kept telling myself put one foot in front of the other. Just keep going… it probably took me a little more than 4 minutes to run it…. Afterward I felt defeated. When I get like that the only thing that helps is being of service to someone else. In this case it was picking up all of the weights we used and putting them back, and then stretching with some of my friends (one whose birthday is was). Those small simple actions always get me out of a rut.

That one workout has now prompted me to set another goal which will be to start incorporating running drills into my training to help myself overcome this weakness/fear. What fitness has shown me is that anything is possible with practice and hard work. Over the next 4 weeks my intention will be to run 3x a week and also start Olympic weightlifting cycle to achieve a 185 pound snatch and 225 pound clean and jerk by September. I know I can do it. I wish you the reader, the best in whatever your goals/passion/dream may be. Below is something continuously helps me in my journey.

The Iron never lies to you. You can walk outside and listen to all kinds of talk, get told that you're a god or a total bastard. The Iron will always kick you the real deal. The Iron is the great reference point, the all-knowing perspective giver. Always there like a beacon in the pitch black. I have found the Iron to be my greatest friend. It never freaks out on me, never runs. Friends may come and go. But two hundred pounds is always two hundred pounds.” – Henry Rollins


Video References: 


Mention this article and get...







Pat Fisher

These are some of the highlights of my week.

I was on my way to the store riding my bicycle on the overpass the freeway at rush hour, I noticed a Harley splitting lanes. (Don't ask me why, but I notice certain things and motorcycles are one of them) Traffic was moving really slow and this biker was splitting between #1 and #2 lanes and just when the bike left my vision and went under the bridge I heard glass and metal on concrete scrapping. I rode my bike to the corner of the bridge and looked down and saw the man on the ground and bike on its side. I threw my bicycle over into the ice plant and ran down to help him out. Just as I come up to help him, he pulls his helmet off and to my surprise it was a friend of mine. He seemed to be in some pain but insisted on standing up and moving out of the way to the side of the road. I picked up his bike and pushed the beast to the shoulder. I stayed with him until the ambulance arrived and gave his helmet and vest to his girlfriend. He was lucky it always could be worse but I am glad to say that he was wearing a full-face helmet not a brain bucket like most. He was cut off by someone making a lane change and hit the rear of the car and broke the back window with what I am assuming his head. Glad to say he is ok. Never like to see another biker on ground as I have been there before.

While wrenching in the garage getting ready for the upcoming motorcycle race, my neighbor, who is around the age of 11, came walking over pushing his bike. He is a little shy and in a small voice asked if I had a pump for his flat tire. Of course I had a pump. I filled his front tire and checked his brakes and watched him ride around the block a few times. Whatever that feeling is that happens when you can help someone else is one of the best feelings... whether it is pride or just feeling humbled by some simple task that is effortless to you and puts a smile on someone's face. 

Motorcycles are something I love, and competition drives me to try to push myself to new levels. Last Dog Standing is a race that has very different technical challenges. I have raced this event one other time and the outcome was not one that I would call pleasant. At my first attempt I burned my clutch up, overheated and blew my radiator cap off the bike. Also was suffering from exhaustion due to high temps and a very physically demanding race. So this year I had my goals set high. With fitness being on point I concentrated on my bike setup. I had to make sure that I was ready to handle anything.

The night before the race I met up with some teammates and friends and talked while doing some last minute adjustments to the bike. Laughed and looked over each others race machines. 

Race morning is always fun and packed full of good vibes and a bit of a scramble to make sure everything is in place. I was one of the last ones to lineup at the starting line and took the very inside line. Green Flag was waved and kicked the bike and off we went. I made it to the first turn in about sixth place. I was picking off guys and not getting passed except by two guys. One being Johnny Campbell who made it clear that the big 2013 450cc factory Honda was a bit faster than my 10 year old 250. The other being Paul Krause who passed me and then blew a turn a lap later while putting some pressure on him. He and I battled the rest of the qualifying race holding him off till the checkers. Stoked! We shared a few high fives and was happy to have such a great guy to share some clean racing with. 

Qualifying round went well and put me on row 7 next to my new favorite battle buddy Paul.  This race is a little different as it is a knockout type of event with crazy man made obstacles and highly technical riding lines. We took off for Round 1 and Paul got the better of me off the start and followed him for a few miles till I approached the highly popular water crossing. The idea is to ride across a 2 x 6 inch board spanned across a two and a half foot deep pool of recycled stagnate warm muddy water. As I made my approach I noticed three other individuals already had fallen in the water. I picked my line and carefully rode on the board till all of a sudden I was in need of some swim fins and snorkel. I had dropped my front wheel and went over the bars and completely submerged the bike and myself! I yanked up the bike and began to push the bike to the side of the course. I quickly flipped the bike upside down and ran back to my truck and grabbed a new spark plug and wrench. I pulled the plug and watched water pour out of my bike and also saw a lot of the competition raced right by me.

Determined to never give up I flipped the bike over and fired the bike after getting some help from another racer who had done the same to his bike. I lent him the wrench and took off in a mad dash to finish. Finishing within an hour of the leaders to make it to the next round. Drenched and on a mission, I made countless passes and rode the rest of the race clearing all of the obstacles with aggression and ease.  

I made it to Round 2 and again started side by side with Paul and once again would pull me off the line. We arrived at the first hill climb and already the riders who started ahead of me were struggling to make the climb. My first attempt was unsuccessful. Second attempt I made it just shy of ten feet of the top. With ten others doing the same, we all were pushing our bikes in a frantic state to finish this round within 25 minutes of the leader to advance to round 3. I muscled my bike up with some help from a rope and three course workers. Blasted through the race until the last section I arrived and looking down an eight-foot waterfall drop. It wasn't the height that got me it was the huge rocks with no line to really "ride" down.

Teaming up with my friend and badass Michael Allen who was in front of me, carried and walked his bike down some sections. It’s not like it was one time, this "trail" they had marked as "race course" wasn't something that you would want to walk down. Now doing this with a 240 pound ripping hot motorcycle is something a bit more challenging. The guy behind me tried to ride down one of the sections that didn't seem too intense and ended up going over the bars and trapped underneath his bike pinning him face down. I hiked up as fast as I could to free his feet from the bike and lift the bike up off him. I helped him turn his bike around in an area the size of an airplane bathroom. 

As much as I like being challenged it seemed to be a never ending drop off after drop off. Finally descending to the bottom of this canyon the finish line was in sight just passing over six or so trees laying on their sides in another pool of rank smelling water that is still trapped in my boots. Finishing the race in 11th place and missing the cutoff to the third and final round by ten minutes.

Fun day and had a great time watching the eight guys race that made it to the last round. Hanging out with some great people and exchanging some well deserved high fives. I felt great before during and after the event knowing I had some good karma heading my way and felt prepared for the challenge. Wish every week was action packed like this one.

Thanks to Tom Walker, Craig Thompson and Kevin Driver for some good laughs and interesting bets that I think are still yet to be paid up on. Also to my Dad and five year old little sister who told me after the race "don't get stuck in the mud again, right?"  Thanks to Dan Lykken for taking these photos of the race. Enjoy!  



Pat Fisher

This has been such an awesome week.  Partly because I knew I would be doing this blog, and I was consciously thinking of ways to pay it forward.  It kept me alert and in the moment and in a positive frame of mind.

I started out the week by setting goals.  My goals were to daily do Bikrim Yoga, run 2 miles, hydrate, drink no alcohol and pay attention to everything around me (stay in the moment).  Also, I set a goal to do 4 challenging workouts with my trainer at least 4 times this week.  I am a list maker, so true to form I made a grid so that I could check off my daily goals and take notes on my day.

I did meet all of my goals.  I thought the no alcohol would be hard, but it really was not.  I took my daughter wine tasting in Ojai, and did not even want to join in.  We went to a spa day and I had the best non-alcoholic “nojito” ever!!  If I ever go back, I am having it again—delicious and refreshing.  (Cucumber, mint and ginger ale).  I managed to take some time off my run.  My first day I ran 2 miles in 24 minutes (don’t laugh, that is still technically a run), and today I ran it in 20.33!  I was pretty stoked!  The hardest part was the yoga, because it is time consuming, but I took the attitude of no excuses and did it and feel so much better that I did.  I learned to not listen to the negative voices in my head.  When I work out or do yoga to quiet my thoughts and just listen to my trainer giving instructions—don’t worry about the number or the weight or anything that is holding me back.

Each day I tried to find ways to “pay it forward.”  I did little things, like try to pay attention and engage everyone that I met.  That is challenging for me, because I let myself get caught up in whatever task I am doing at the time and simply miss what is happening around me.  It has been pretty cool, because people surprise you when you smile and talk to them.  I wanted to do something more significant, though as far as paying it forward—do something worthwhile that does not bring recognition to myself.  I started talking to my clients about it—looking for ideas.  One client was so sweet and told me that I pay it forward with my work, encouraging people to work out and be healthy when they do not have the motivation to do it on their own.  I thought that was nice of her to say, but did not feel that was what I was looking for.  Another client who is a nurse told me about her patient who is 25 years old and dying of a very rare type of cancer.  He is the only person in the U.S. that has this type.  He is an only son and living with his parents who are field workers.  She told me that when she walks in the house the grief is palpable.  I asked her what I could do for this family.  She said that they are very strapped and thought money would be good, so I tapped into my savings and put some cash in an envelope with an unsigned note telling them others are thinking of them in this difficult time.  It is so small, when you think of the big picture, but it was something.

All in all, this week went so well, I think I am going to repeat these goals next week.  Pictures are of some flowers in my yard, our trip to Ojai, Spa Day (which was my Mother’s Day present, BTW),  yoga, play-off pizza, new tee-shirt I’m helping Pat make for Gamut, my husband, Joe chilling out in the back yard, my sweet dogs.  I have to give a shout out to Pat for starting this blog.  I love working with him.  He is so positive and inspirational and creative.  He is a true friend.

I’ll end with my daily mantra, which I read every morning when I brush my teeth.  “Peace is of the heart, not of the mind.  To know peace you have to find out what beauty is.  The way you talk, the words you use, the gestures you make, these things matter very much, for through them you will discover the refinement of your own heart.  Beauty cannot be defined, it cannot be explained in words.  It can be understood only when the mind is very quiet.”  Krishnamurti


BLOG IT FORWARD: WEEK 2 john fisher

Pat Fisher

I’m looking forward to having a fun time with the blog. I think it’ll be a good excuse to just go out and do stuff. To me the #GAMUTLIFE represents living a positive lifestyle. Get healthy, work hard, make fitness an important part of life, eat right, be social, be a positive influence on others, have fun, go out and enjoy your life. Here are my pics and captions for the week…



A lot of work during the week means I can cut loose on the weekends. Good times in San Francisco with Sean, Amanda, Zin, and Eva. We met up around 8 and bar hopped til midnight. Zin, the ultimate cab driver, just parked his cab outside a hotel and made it work, and drove everyone back at the end of the night…dude always manages to find a way. By far the thing I miss most after moving is not seeing my friends in Socal nearly enough. The silver lining though, if anyone ever rolls up to Northern California, San Francisco is one of the coolest host cities. It’s always easy to have a blast. Happy Anniversary to Sean D and Amanda!

BLOG IT FORWARD:WEEK 1 patrick fisher

Pat Fisher

My brother John and I came up with the idea of applying the pay it forward concept to blogging, to show what the gamut lifestyle is all about.   The idea is that each person chosen has to go have an epic week with a wide variety of activities.  Leave behind all the negative b.s., document and photo all the great times, and then blog about it. When your week is done, the next lucky participant is picked. Should be a great way to push each other, pay the positive vibe forward, and remind ourselves that we are responsible for our own happiness. This is my site, so I'm going to start it off...  

My goal this week was to not have a personal goal. Goals don't mean much to me...I like having a clean slate every day.  I get a lot more done that way.  I knew I'd be super active with new fitness stuff. My outlook was "this is a social/psychological experiment" with some potential deeper meaning.  As I went through my week, a few themes became apparent due to the fact that I knew I'd be blogging...I was more aware of my surroundings, I took my time and felt more grounded/connected, and all the people and things seemed more real and interesting.  So, I photographed what I could and got some sweet footage below. The pics below are the people in my life that I gained a newfound appreciation for, some simple things that usually go unnoticed, some completely self-created "coincidences" and some art and other accomplishments. I will say this...I usually have 1 or 2 "off days" every week on average...days I just feel tired or agitated and tend to get lazy and make excuses.  This week I had none. I had no reason or desire to be a sorry sack, downer, complainer.  When you do your week of Blog It Forward you'll know what I mean.

I took Zumba and looked like an absolute idiot but had so much fun, volunteered to teach kickboxing(I've never punched in my life and the class was siiiick), got to $1200 raised for our Relay 4 Life team(if you want to join, follow the link on the home page), made my 1st EVER online transaction in my webstore, turned my house into an art gallery, did some abstract painting on 3 lampshades, trained the best clients, drew my dog and had her pull me all around town on my skateboard, cooked some bombass food, road over 50 miles on my bike, meditated almost every day, watched Tim jump 56" high multiple times, jammed my toe pretty badly playing bball(but got to reconnect with Cormick, Rocky, Alexis, McDavid John, Daniel Ripper, and Big Pete!!!!!), made some ridiculous off the rafters shots at 24hr fitness while Poolside Freddy showed me up, saw Erin Hightower do 2 bearcrawl-to-wall handstand holds and kill it at bootcamp, test drove and almost bought the Ford Transit Connect, and my best friend since 4th grade(MURPH) moved in.  

Life is good.

Everything is connected. I am lucky to be here and to be me. I am on a mission to do as much as possible with each day. I'm getting more comfortable getting out of my self-imposed comfort zones. I learned again to talk to myself with positivity and kindness rather than judgment.

I feel inspired by everyone and everything.